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This website was built as a hub, to host links to Nicky Hamilton Jones’ other sites. The page features button links to the other sites. The site also incorporates links to social networks. The press articles are displayed with lightbox popups for larger viewing
The page automatically pulls in a Twitter feed, and incorporates a Facebook “Like” button which automatically likes the page, and creates a link back to the site


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This site was designed to be very minimal. The products are the feature of the range, so the bright colours really stand out against the black background.
The site features all of the products individually, which can also be ‘Liked’ on Facebook. The press section features a popup section, where the press can be viewed larger while keeping the minimal theme.


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This site serves a hub for the band Follly. The main page has photos, a band bio and an audio sample section. This is important as the band wanted everything the be accessible on the front page. The page also pulls in a feed from twitter and incorporates a Facebook box.
The more advanced features of the site are a newsletter subscription area, a contact form, and a gig calendar. Upcoming and past gigs are displayed with a location, date and time, all of which gets pushed to the home page.

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