My name is Antony White and I am a professional photographer, videographer and designer based in Essex and London. I have been taking pictures and making videos for many years, much to the dismay of everyone around me that hates being on camera.

My favourite pictures are simple at first glance, but as you look closer you start to create stories. I like to put items where they shouldn’t be, capture scenes that are slightly out of the ordinary. Photography is all about the moment, but I like to look at the moment before and the moment after.I would sneak into the horror section just to look at the covers.

I always remember when I was young I would visit my local video store. While my parents were looking through the latest releses, I would sneak into the horror section just to look at the covers, on the odd occasion even persuade them to rent one. The lighting, the suspense and unsettling nature of the horror film is something I try to convey within my photographyThe lighting, the suspense and unsettling nature of the horror film…. Every now and then i’ll throw in some B-Movie for good cause, The giant 50ft woman from outer space verses werewolves on wheels with two heads and killer ants, or something like that… I have been known to do the occasional wedding too!

Music is my second love after film is music. Rock, Metal, and Dirty Southern are among my favourites. I play the drums, not because I cant play the guitar, well maybe a little bit, but you cant beat hitting stuff with sticks! Being a musician I know what it takes to get great live images, capturing the moment and really letting people feel the energy you play with.

Some of my favourite things in the world include, Old Typewriters, Drums, Steampunk, Film Props and Urbexing. If you don’t know what Urbexing is you are missing out! Have a look at my blog post The Art of Urbexing.

photo by Rebecca Johnson – Xomi3

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