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After The Ordeal – We Divide. Video Shoot

After The Ordeal Small

Had a great video shoot with the band After The Ordeal. This was part one to a two day shoot. We were shooting the performance part of the video. We set all the gear up in a field, the far end of a field I might add! We had all the usual challenges of outdoor shooting, fast moving clouds, bright …

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Zombie LARP – Station Zero


LARP has a bad rep, just because people want to dress up crazy costumes and shout at each other with foam weapons, does not make them any less cool. Zombie LARP on the other hand is a totally different story. Zombie LARP took over a mall in Reading on the 3rd September 2011. ‘Station Zero’ was the largest event to …

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Last of The Living


For this project I am working closely with David Moody as brilliant author. His books, Autumn and the series that followed, are among my favourite pieces of zombie fiction.

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